Author Topic: [RELEASE] BetaLoader - The Best CS:GO Bypass CS:GO Trusted Mode  (Read 195 times)

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on: December 02, 2020, 09:05:09 PM

Hey there...
I made a simple loader that can load any cheat
It doesn't have all cheats out there but if you want me to add a cheat you can DM (BETA#0530)



  • Inject cheats buttons[/li]

  • Run CSGO button[/li]

  • Custom injector (works with all cheats and undetected)[/li]

  • VAC bypasser[/li]

  • Linkvertise bypassed[/li]

  • And all cheat you can imagine[/li][/list]

    More soon...

    Q. What does it do?
    A. it loads some popular cheats

    Q. The loader doesn't have all the cheats out there
    A. I added some cheats that most of you would like to use it

    Q.  The loader has errors how can I fix it?
    A. You can DM me (BETA#0530) with the error

    Q. I have a suggestion or I want a cheat to be added, what should I do?
    A. DM me (BETA#0530)

    Q. What does VAC bypasser do?
    A. It just preventing VAC from detecting the hooks that the cheat uses it to make functions work

    Q. Who is better “BetaLoader” or “other loaders”
    A. It depends on what u will use it for Like if u want to be undetected Other injectors isn’t the best thing Why?. they or he uses a injecting method made from 2008 and he don’t use any strings on consts to make the injector undetected every update BetaLoader will be very good for you Why?: it uses a next level injecting method First it inject the dll to the steam process and from steam.exe it inject the cheat dll as it is a normal VAC dll and after it inject the VAC bypasser will make the dll after injecting undetectable for VAC

    Q. Is VPM make sense?
    A. Yes, it makes the hex and hooks of the dll change But if VAC got update and u dont have the source of the dll so u can make the hooks deferent it will be useless (That’s what i use on HeadRipper) So if ur using BetaLoader it will not necessary But if u use Other injectors it will be helpful.

    Q. Why my AV detecting it?
    A. Because i use a protection on it so it will appear as malicious .



    How to use?
    1. Turn off antivirus
    2. Run the loader
    3. Click on the cheat you wan tot inject safely.

    if you have any suggestions or errors make sure to DM me (BETA#0530)

    And if you found it helpful
    you can donate Here (
    you will help the loader and help me too!

    Join us on Discord:

    All updates is uploaded to the same link (

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on: December 03, 2020, 06:41:46 AM
Nice release +rep