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Become HQ Tutorial

What is Gaming Forecast ?

What is Gaming Forecast ?

Gaming Forecast ( I will call it GFC from now on ) is a forum launched at 2020 powered by Simple Machines® Forum (SMF) software!

GFC started as a game modding forum but over time non game section were created. The forum Moderators added many new sections as the community grew more and more.


First of all this forums has some rules which you have to accept when you register. Most people don't read these but I would recommend you read through them.Scroll down on the page and at the bottom you can find a link to the Forum Rules there.Last but not least you should check Rules before Posting too.

It’s a big Forum and there are different places with own Rules.For example before you post you need to know the Rules before Posting too.Last but not least every topic has its own post format, you can find that format usually in the pinned topics

When you join GFC there are many sections and things to explore so I will explain them and insert pictures below with explanations!

Picture1 :
1. GFC Logo, clicking it will direct you to the homepage.
2. HOME tab, clicking it will direct you to the homepage.
3. HELP tab,useful information not covered in this tutorial.
4. SEARCH tab, this is the most useful tab as it allows you to search for whatever you want in the forum!
5. TEAM tab,like the credits scenes at movies.
6. PROFILE tab,this tab allows you to interact with your profile.
7. MY MESSAGES tab, this allows you send and/or read dms in the forum.
8. MEMBERS tab, this will show you all the members.
9. LOGOUT tab, the bye-bye tab.
10. SOCIAL MEDIA tab, here you can find GFC at every social media.
11. READ MORE tab, general news about the forum.
12. HOME icon, just like 1 and 2.


The shoutbox is a place where users can communicate publicly, imagine it as an IRC chat. ,only registered users can use it.Rules apply there too!


The right side of the forum is full of useful information like your profile’s stats, recent posts, top posters, forum stats and an invite to the OFFICIAL GFC Discord server!


When you go to a thread which includes a file for you to download you may have noticed the following :

this means that you will have to post at least 40 times for the first file and 60 times for the second one.

“Well that's easy for everyone you just download a spam bot and = profit ?”, you may say
Well… no, you need to put effort in your posts in order for them to stay.. by stay I mean that Staff may and will delete your post if it’s low quality like “tnx”,”ty” or “gg”.
Please put some effort in your posts, it only takes 30 seconds to think about something that won’t get you banned!

Here are some examples of HQ and LQ posts :


What is Reputation?
Well reputation is a way of determining who is bad and who is good and it shows all members who they should trust and who not to.
Imagine it this way, if a person with low reputation sells you something it’s probably a scam and you should report him to a moderator!

How to gain reputation?
You can gain reputation by posting everything except Low Quality stuff.Gaining Rep is far more easy if you post software to the corresponding section.For example post PUBG Lite hacks to the PUBG Lite section.Staff will check you files to make sure they are free of any malware hiding in it’s source code and accept your post.

Market Place

In case you don’t know where the Marketplace is click here

Secure yourself from scams

After browsing the marketplace, you might have seen a member with a post that you are interested and you want to buy it but now. STOP

Think about how to secure yourself there are multiple ways but it depends on the product / service

-MiddleMan you involve a neutral trustworthy person which handles the deal and secures the deal or keeps the money until the product/service is provided

-Paying after delivery means if its an account as example you pay the person after you got your product or service most will decline it but if it’s a service for example an unban after completing it THEN pay him

-confirming over private message

-check impersonator there are people impersonating which means faking their identity and then trying to make deals (more about it on the next page)

-wait for other people to give feedback/vouches before buying


a popular way to scam is impersonating. GFC is a big forum with many persons and many are simply not aware of impersonators and how to check for them.

Known and easiest way to impersonate is that people switch as example L with I as l I looks similar.

Discord and Telegram are the most used communication ways,Telegram has profile links which makes it easier to deal but Discord doesn’t have that and it has something called “discord nitro” which allows you to use Unicode in your name now the problem is that Unicode can be invisible numbers .

If you got discord nitro you have the small badge which you can’t remove this means this user can use Unicode in his name you can find a way to check if he is using it is this.Here's a link to a Unicode checker :
If its red avoid dealing with the member because it means he has invisible letters.
For example, first picture is Owen's Discord ( real ) and the second picture is Owen's Discord with an invisible unicode character (fake). They both seem real to the naked eye.

Every Discord User has a unique ID you can activate it by going into the Settings and then activating Developer Mode.
Now you need a message of the person or tag with a @ and then right click and copy ID
So Owen’s ID is : 157919566389837824 this is his Unique Discord ID. If you do this with a different person check if it’s the same. In order to use this properly you need first the unique id of the real person.


Thank you for reading this .I spent time on it and I will keep updating it when I find the time for it.

by Codelocker

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