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on: April 09, 2020, 07:43:55 PM
Gaming Forecast Forum Rules

Before Posting any kind of thing on this community, You may follow all the rules given in this topic. The ones breaking the rule will be permanently banned and they will not be able to register again.



Everyone must follow these rules in order to stay in this community

1. Don't make fun of anyone English skills. By making statements, like, 'RIP ENGLISH' or any other words. English is the main language of this forum because English is an International Language and it will be helpful for everyone to understand each other.

2. Trolling isn't permitted, this applies to all types each and every person even the administrators'. Trolls are commonly misleading and regularly use inner conflict as a strategy for secretively annoying, scaring, or prompting an individual or people for their own joy.

3. Spamming is strictly not allowed. (Trying to get more posts by posting random things continuously and short messages like censored wordo, I want hack, are not allowed.)

4. Advertising and selling your own hacks on the forum is not allowed until you are a verified partner. People attempting to do so will get an instant ban.

5. Do not post any sort of download link. This includes (exes, zip files and other poop)

6. Adult Content is not allowed. Do not post any kind of adult content, censored wordographic pictures, Nudity stuff.

7. In the event that you want to report an Administrator for misbehaving, send a PM to any individual from the Senior Admin Team or the Head Admin Team with legitimate evidence and clarification.

8. Scamming other people in the marketplace will give you an instant ban (from all the partner forums as well)

9. Don't ask when we will release the update (bro just wait for it)

10. Posting Cracked Softwares and Illegal Cracked accounts or any other illegal softwares or apps are not allowed.

If you have any questions Feel Free to PM US Administrators
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